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Originally Posted by BlackMastodon View Post
Guambomb: that does indeed look incredibly cool, but if I saw that in the same room as me I would turn into a sniveling little girl and .... an incomprehensible amount of bricks.
Definitely awesome when you see blue animals in nature though, didn't even know tarantulas can be drastically different colors.
Yeah, it is incredible when animals can get to have such vibrant colors, and with that species, the males are the ones cobalt blue, hence the name cobalt blue tarantula, while the females are a dull brown.

And about the little girl ...., I'm like that way with huge ass frogs and toads. I'm cool with little tiny frogs but huge ass frogs DA .... DATT. I would actually like to have a poison dart frog aquarium, it would be like fish aquarium just not completely full of water and arguably much cooler

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