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Originally Posted by mishabasi View Post
I have the same problem on my Damian Elite. I got a d'addario 80 to swap the 74 out and i love the tension but the tone is garbage exactly how you described. I ALWAYS use d'addario on my 6 strings and love the tone.

Does your 80 sound rattly while unplugged? i think i damaged my string unraveling it.
Yeah, that happened to me too dude. If you look closely, you can probably see the wrap is looser towards the nut (I can use that words in a straight context without smiling haha).

I had to resort to using the supplied .74. Which was so much crispier but slack as a wizards sleeve...

I am a long time D'addario user but I have to admit, after using different brands recently; I will not miss them.

If only Elixir did an 8 string set. I contemplated buying singles from them but regular gauges are 3.50 each and anything thicker than a .56 is 8.50 at best!!!
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