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Originally Posted by the hittmann View Post
Ha, sounds a lot like what I did in high school. The football coach never liked me as I was in band and didn't play any sports. I had been lifting for a while before I came to the school, so it was hilarious when I got into his weight lifting class. The first day was a leg workout and it was Squats 5 sets of 10. All of his football players where squatting 225-285, so when I did 315 for 10 his mouth dropped and he started trying to get me to play football and didn't make me do sprints when he would punish the class, kind of funny how shallow and flawed some coaches perceptions are just cause you are music nerd.
My coach smirked when he saw me trying out for track, because before that he always walking out of my Music Theory class. I carried my team to states this year. Looks can be deceiving.

"...When they find out you have more than the standard number of strings... It's like you're the' highlander or something..."
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