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Originally Posted by TRENCHLORD View Post
Well, I failed, but I'm viewing it as a success .
As of June 1st my dry morning weight was 234, and now I'm at 233.
So in 5 weeks I've shed 14 pounds and have been eating high protien and lifting hard so I don't think I've lost any muscle at all.

Getting desperate for a pig out at the china buffet though.
Have been very portion consious and have stuck with the limited beer intake (2or3/night) right after either weight workout or mild cardio,
so that way it's more likely to get utilized instead of bellyized.

I'll continue improvement and post some comparison pics when the difference is more dramatic. Already seeing a good difference in the mirror though,
and I had to get a shoe string to keep my size 38s from falling down all the time. Forgive me, but I just can't stand the Limp Buzz.... look .
Ditch the beer dude. Its your worst enemy. Its all sugar and your body won't utilise it for .... other than putting fat around your middle. Those 3 beers will be around 600 calories. And for what? Thats all your days excersise or more gone in 3 drinks. Convert that to food and thats nearly 3 standard size Snickers bars ...would you eat 3 snickers bars a day?

Now multiply that by say 5 nights a week and your looking at 3000 calories ...4200 if you have 3 beers every night. 4200!!!!!!!!

You've done pretty awesome to lose 14 pounds in 5 weeks but if you had left out the beer that could have been anywhere from 20 to 25 pounds.

Regarding the china buffet thing. If you are eating lean and clean all week then you should treat yourself to something like that once every 2-3 weeks. It'll keep you sane. Trust me!

Apologies if this is bordering on "bro-science" but beer aint great if your trying to lose weight.

Out of interest what are you eating on a daily basis?
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