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so i have brand new motivation for lifting bigger weights and getting stronger. long story short there's an athletic director at my university's gym that is irritated by the sheer fact i exist. i worked out with minimalist shoes and got kicked out because apparently not allowed (no posted rules that state this). So i came in wearing a more conventional looking shoe (still thin and minimal), and now he seems to just be pissed off when i walk in, he shoots dirty looks at me and my girlfriend while we work out and yeah... he has no power over me because im not in a sports program. so i think the appropriate response is to become a serious beast over there and put to shame all his athletes and make my existence even more of a middle finger to his face.... oh and figure out what is appropriate footwear there, cuz if he pulled that out of his ass im going to have so much fun with this.

anybody have any "whatdafuq" exercise suggestions that will make him hate me more? <--- photo page, click it, and maybe like????
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