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My second release as a solo artist out now! (Sam Locke - Crossing The Barrier)

Hi all!

My second release as a solo artist comes out today, the album is my first full length. Some of you may remember me from my first release "Era" which came out in July last year.

Crossing The Barrier | Sam Locke <---Check it out here!

The Sam Locke Solo Project | Facebook

1. Preface
2. Divide and Resolve
3. Secondary Fires
4. Prelude to Nothing
5. Inconsequential
6. A Descent Into Winter
7. Squared
8. Crossing the Barrier I
9. Crossing the Barrier II

So far the album has been getting great reviews in Australia. I am really stoked with how it came out, I hope you guys dig it

Cheers, Sam.

My band "Actuality":
Australian Prog!
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