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Originally Posted by Ryan-ZenGtr- View Post
No one likes a bragging cheapskate who exploits the generosity of others.

If you hadn't bragged about software theft no one here would have known or cared. I hope that explanation clears up any confusion.

Nice post. I agree that there seems little point in random guitar karaoke. There's enough random content on YouTube as it is. Full studio recreations of favourite tracks I understand, as some tracks aren't well recorded in the first place and it's a great way to practice recording techniques with music you enjoy.
Bro, how is it theft? Please explain.

I don't use the program enough to justify buying it. People accuse me without understand my intentions at all. I was hardly bragging.

And for some reason, you guys on here now accuse me of stealing music and torrenting it. Proof? I buy 90% of my music. God, some people...
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