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OMG that looks amazing.

The flat black goes so nice with the natural binding and ebony.

But totally, if its not what you wanted send it back. You paid a lot of money for it and waited a long time so if they screwed it up i would definitely send it back and get it at least how you wanted. They should be able to add the inlays in no problem.

But if you dont "click" with the guitar, still send it back. I mean sucks for carvin but thats why they have the 10 Day trial, ppl pay a lot of money for a guitar that they cant actually try first.

If you send it back it will end up in the "In stock" section and one of us can buy it

But srsly, Im about to order my first carvin with totally different specs than this but this could very well be inspiration for my 2nd one in the future!!
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