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Alright, everybody. I've been pretty quiet over here for a while. I never had my stuff mailed back to me in California. I'm flying back to Oklahoma tomorrow for a friend's wedding. A dry wedding at that. Boo-hiss. After that, I'll get to work on this thing for a full day and a half before I have to AGAIN fly back. I've started a list of things I need to do while I'm there. I'm saving all the stuff I can do without power tools for later--just trying to get the last of the big things done.

I have a few questions for some of the more experienced users here. The padauk fretboard blank I bought was 3/8" thick. Massive for a fretboard. I already slotted it. Fairly deep I might add (to make up for thinning it out later). I was planning on trying to find someone to plane it down to roughly 1/4". The thing is that I've already slotted it. I didn't think much of it at the time. Would that be safe to do? If it won't cause any problems, I'll just run it through a thickness planer (if I can find one--I didn't have much luck last time). I don't want it to tear out at the fret slots I already cut though. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was in such a hurry a few weeks ago to get it completed that I just slotted it without thinking. Another possible solution I thought might work would be to glue it as is and use the radius block to take it down to size. My only qualm with that is that it would take for-freaking-ever. Also, I have doubts that it would be perfectly straight.

I also failed to mention in my previous update that the piezo push/pull volume pot shaft is smaller than the original tone pot I'm replacing it with. It wobbles around in there a bit. If I were to use washers in there, would it be stable? Or would I have to dowel that part and re-drill to the correct size? It's not a huge problem right now. I'm more focused on the fretboard. I can always get a cheap hand drill and do it myself later, but it's still worth an ask.

The rest of my to-do list includes:
  1. Clean up the piezo route (Still very rough).
  2. Do all the fretboard modifications afore mentioned (Plane, taper, glue).
  3. Possibly re-drill, re-dowel, and re-drill bridge anchor posts (They were a bit off. Not too sure if it will be adequate. I'm a perfectionist.).
  4. Somehow ground the ferrules.
  5. Finish sand.
  6. Apply oil finish.
  7. Do all the fretwork.
  8. Install hardware.
  9. Electronics (Not looking forward to that).
  10. Finally jam.

If I were to keep the fretboard a bit thicker than normal, I could always set the bridge higher than normal. That might help with the anchors being slightly askew. I'll be tapering the fretboard on my table saw at my grandmother's house. That's where my ShopSmith drill press is, so I could pull that out and accurately drill the bridge anchors if I have to. I don't want to if it'll work, but I will if I have to.

I'm not too worried about having the neck super-slim. This isn't a shredding machine. That's what my Ibby is for. This is mainly an off-the-wall-melt-your-balls-off-don't-mess-with-this-pissed-off-face-chugger. And an acoustic. So, basically a chuggernaut. And fingerstyle acoustic baritone 7.

I have another idea for the volume knobs instead of using only the wenge. I won't say anything about it yet, but when I get back I'm going to try it out. You'll have to wait for that! If it works out like I think it will, I'll be doing that. If not, then no harm no foul?

See you all in a few days.
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