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Originally Posted by Go To Bed Jessica View Post

At the moment, he has designed another set which is based around his existing 8 string set. This uses the low string from the existing set and makes the other strings B-e slightly lighter in order to achieve appropriate progressive tension across the set. I have yet to try it, but I have a set in the post for me today and will report back on how it goes.
So this string set arrived today, and it's freaking amazing. So amazing, that I'm not sure that even a custom designed low E could be any better than what is currently used.

The set uses a ZOG 10 RW with a B and an E added on. The feel from string to string is beautifully consistent. The low string sounds really beefy and responds well to playing dynamics. Best of all, it was a breeze to intonate the whole set.

The outer wrap of the low E actually starts about 1/2" after the saddle - like the taper on a low B bass string, except it's only a single wrap. The low B on my bass set has at least two layers of outer wrap tapering out at the bridge end of the string.

If you're playing in Drop E on a Schecter, I *highly* recommend giving one of these sets a try. His prices are good, so you're not going to be blowing a wad of cash to try it. The set should work for 27" scale as well. The outer wrap starting on the "speaking length" of the string actually makes it a LOT easier to intonate than if the full girth of the string was coming out of the saddle.

Right at this moment, I could not be happier!
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