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I was thinking about making one of these...but here's a story I wrote

Originally Posted by BornToLooze
This is something that happened in my dream last night, but I forgot a big part in the middle before I got a chance to write it down. This is also the first thing I've ever written.


I've been feeling off recently. Do you ever have one of those time where you wake up not knowing where or who you are? Or why your covered in blood? Well its been happening to me recently. I don't remember when it started happening, but I don't know how much longer I can take this. Waking up out in the woods coverered in blood, not knowing how I got there, or what happened the night before.
I know what you are probably all thinking, and I thought it too, but there's no such thing as werewolves right? Just something from movies and stories right? Well recently my girlfreind decided I should record myself while I was sleeping to see what was happening. All I could think was, "Yeah right, like all of those movies they've been making?" But she persisted so I figured what the hell.
Nothing was happening so I figured why bother watching the tapes. Oh how I wish I would have. It had been months since something had happened. Every now and then when we woke up the camera would be knocked over, but that was it. I figured that I might be getting up to pee or get a snack or something. Oh how I wish I would have watched the tapes.
Then one morning I woke up in the woods again covered in blood, When I finally got home there where police everywhere. After a couple hours they all left. When I asked my girlfriend what was wrong she told me she heard screaming in the night, but the door was stuck shut and I was gone. When she finally got the door open all she could do was cry. Our daughter's crib was covered in blood and the door was ripped off the hinges. It was then that she thought of the camera. She never got the
chance to tell me what she saw, it was too late. I could feel somethine happening, like muscles ripping and I just stopped thinking and my ears started ringing as i head my girlfriend scream.
I don't know how long i was out, but when I woke up I was still at home. When I saw what was infront of me I couldn't help but throw up. It was then that I heard the sirens coming. I don't know what was happening to me, I just knew it couldn't happen again. The sirens are getting closer. I go into the bed room to look for it, but it looks like a bomb when off in there. The sirens are right outside. I found it, but I can feel it happening again. "POLICE, PUT THE GUN DOWN!!!"
You know, in books and movies right before the main character dies they always say something about how there life flashes before their eyes, thinking of all the good things that happened to them. But I can tell you that's all bull..... All that happen was I could feel was pain, all I could thik was I should have watched those damn tapes, then I could have done something sooner. At least it will make a good found footage movie like Paranormal Activity or that one in Russia.
"POLICE, PUT THE GODDAMN GUN DOWN NOW!!!" So that's what happens, you can't quit babbling. "PUT THE GODDA----" then there was nothing....

I just wish I could remember the part in the middle, because that's when it got really good. But just so you know, I'm not turning into a werewolf because you know what...**** werewolves
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