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The one I received had some glue on the fretboard, which is a pretty common error. The nut was also glued on very shoddily. You can see it here in this shot, right near the nut:

Also I got one from the custom run and was supposed to get a Hipshot copy bridge but for some reason they screwed up (which they do often) and sent one with a TOM bridge.

As you can see it also came with a lot of polishing swirls.

I, like you, loved the way they look and ordered without playing one and to another country (Australia). It came in a bass case which was annoying as it was only a 25.5" and would have fit in a regular case, it arrived safe and sound though.

All in all I was satisfied with mine but ONLY satisfied, not blown away nor stunned nor happy enough to keep it. I just couldn't bond with it as my Ibanez RG7621 had such a slim and comfortable neck and was light as well.

I would suggest going for a secondhand RG7421/RG7621 or if you are after a trem RG7420/RG7620. Outstanding seven strings for what you pay.

Here's a shot of mine:

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