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Originally Posted by Shawn
I don't think he'd get rid of it...for sentimental reasons, he hardly plays it too.
I have an oldschool Ibby with that neck, but with H-S-S, that I put a Schaller bridge on.

It's the best sounding Ibanez I've ever heard. I honestly wouldn't trade it for a brand new EBMM, UV, or anything else. It's just an amazingly unique axe both in the way it plays and especially the way it sounds - if I played it and you didn't know what it was, you'd swear it was a vintage strat. The neck on it is just perfect too. The neck pickup hums quite a bit, but I don't dare touch/replace any of the electronics.

this is subliminal...make him sell me that rg... this is subliminal...

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