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Drop E string set for 26.5" scale! 27" scale set coming soon.

I have been in communication with Alex from ZOG strings about a string set for this tuning on my Schecter (Hellraiser C-8 Special) and just wanted to let you all know what it happening.

At the moment, he has designed another set which is based around his existing 8 string set. This uses the low string from the existing set and makes the other strings B-e slightly lighter in order to achieve appropriate progressive tension across the set. I have yet to try it, but I have a set in the post for me today and will report back on how it goes.

He is also designing a whole new set with a 10 for the high E, which means designing a new tapered low E to suit. We are working on making it compatible with both Ibanez and Schecter guitars (ie. suitable for 26.5" or 27" scales). This string will need to be custom made to his spec and should be ready to go in around 2 months.

When this new set is done, I will be ordering 10 sets straight up. If anyone in Australia is interested in trying a set, shoot me a PM and I will arrange to get you a set to try without needing to make a bulk order.

Really looking forward to getting a decent set on my 8. It will be nice to know that someone makes a good stock set and not have to screw around ordering individual strings (even more expensive/annoying for those of us in the southern hemisphere!).

ps - I have no affiliation with Alex or ZOG strings. I am not receiving free or discount products. I have been using his strings on my 6 string guitars for a couple of years now and they are the best I have found.
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