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Originally Posted by Waelstrum View Post
Some people are claiming that the only people who are allowed to change a country's law (no matter how unjust they seem to us westerners) are the people from that country.
I'm not one of the people making that claim.

Would you extend this claim to be against the economic sanctions that almost every country placed against South Africa during apartheid? If it wasn't for outside pressure helping Mandela and the ANC, apartheid might still be going. Was it wrong for us foreigners to interfere with their culture of racial segregation and oppression?
No, it wasn't wrong. Because we said so. Our morality has more power behind it, therefore it's the one that is enforced.

What if somehow an extremist government took over Australia, would you leave them to oppress me out of cultural sensitivity?
You're asking me, personally? Personally, I don't care about much outside of my immediate world. Australia does not fall under that category. So yes, I would leave them to oppress you. Not because I'm culturally sensitive, but because I just don't care about Australia. Does that mean that I agree with what they're doing? Not at all.

Originally Posted by highlordmugfug View Post

We aren't from there, so we can't say anything.

I, personally, hope for another holocaust. Not because I support it or anything, it'd just be a really good reason to flex my moral relativist muscles.

If we're lucky, we might even get some slavery and maybe some child sex trafficking involved too!

EDIT: There are topics and issues where moral relativism can provide good arguments, hell I've had some discussions and used them myself, but when people are being killed or threatened with death for something as small as a disagreement, it's moronic to try to use it as validation for that, or as a reason why not to say anything against it. Your moral relativism can go .... itself if people are dying.
I'm not sure if you're saying this in response to me. I don't see why you would be, seeing as how I haven't used moral relativism as a validation for the actions of these people, nor as a reason to not say anything against it. So...
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