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Originally Posted by davidsantana27 View Post
I haven't seen many 7421s here in Poland, but I will keep an eye on them. As I made some research here in FS section, they are really affordable. 2127 seems even better, I am really starting to like those 7-string Ibanez guitars (played only one 7 string from them, comfy neck and good overall impression, and a few 6 strings, and I dislike those).
When talking about Schecters, I am interested in Loomis nt, ATX and c-7 hellraiser, but I am a bit afraid of neck profile.

Norstorm, awesome video, this guitar sounds quite close to my perfect sound, that would suit me in 90%, only that tremolo would be a pain in the ass. 2127 is deffinitely worth to be checked.
From personal experience, Schecters are awesome. Tonal difference - The Loomis would sound more bright, sharper than the hellraiser because of the wood differences. Hellraiser would be more muddy and bassy than the Loomis - Personal Preference. ATX C-7 is a completely different story though. About the neck profiles - Yes, Schecter's are known to have... well some call it a baseball bat and some call it a nice, beefy neck. It's up to you to choose between them. My first 7 was a Hellraiser C-7(still is) and I'm very pleased with it. For me, it has awesome distorted tone for death metal and the cleans are sweet(don't forget you have the coil tap on the hellraiser, if it matters to you). Neck profile is quite amazing for my thin, long hands
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