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I'm wondering how many people who seem thrown off by this list even bothered to read the accompanying text. It says right in there that they're going for left field choices, "innovators" and such.

I guess they should have just done the same exact list that everyone else makes when they do one of these; then, people could bitch about reading the same list they've been reading for the last 20 odd years.

The list has Justin Broadrick on it, it is, therefore, the best "greatest guitarists" list ever.

The only ones I find fault with are the ones who don't play guitar (Skrillex and JMJ), not because I don't like their music, but, because, while I get what they're going for, they're not guitarists. Have guitarists you feel are innovative, don't just throw innovators on there that have the slimmest of logic connecting them to guitar.
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