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Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier bedroom level recording

So I have came across a lot of threads and opinions that rectifiers namely triples and duals are too loud for bedroom playing. I got one because I gig and play with a band frequently, so it was no biggie for me. But I started to miss that inspiring rectifier tone when I create stuff late at night at comfort of my home. Here`s a little advice on what I did. Brought my 2x12 cab and mesa recto in. Cab is used just so I don`t fry a tranny inside the head. I activated the loop so I can put the poweramp output to 0, all you`re gonna use is preamp section of recto. Than I connected a cable from the Send in the back of Mesa to my computer, turned on Revalver (any impusle loader will work) and snapped some impusles in there. This way you can play your amp straight into your headphones. I think it sounds super awesome. Now I can rock the .... out of my mesa even at 3AM
I don`t know if this might be reallly old news, but anyways for those searching web for rectifier (or any amp) home playability, or just for the tone of triple, this thread might come in handy.
Feel free to delete this thread if something like this has been talked about too much before.
Anyways here`s a really quickly made clip for you, 2 rhytm tracks panned full left and full right, 1 fill-in track with a little reverb. recto was boosted with tube screamer, guitar Ibanez K7 with Dimarzio post effects....just the exact sound you get into headphones even when you play real-time.
I`m not that good player, but here goes:
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier test by PETER138 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
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