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Unhappy Frank Falbo is leaving Seymour Duncan

Just finished talking to our good friend Mr. Frank Falbo and he told me some news that I feel we should all know.

Here's the thread on the SD Forums - but here's his post on there.

Originally Posted by frankfalbo View Post
Well it's been over 5 years since this thread:.

Welcome Our New Sr. Manager of Product Development - Seymour Duncan User Group Forums

Who remembers that?! It has been a wild ride but now it is time for me to move on!

I think we've been able to release a lot of amazing things since that thread. from P-Rails to the Liberator, Blackouts Modular Preamps to Deja Vu's and Double Backs. Zephyrs to 59/Custom Hybrids, Alternative 8's to YJM Fury's, Mick Thomson Blackouts, and Alnico II Pro Slash. Antiquity JB/Jazz, additional Stack Plus models, to Blackouts for Bass and the NYC..

Then there are the experiences, from flying to Yngwie's house to going to Slash's studio to sort out his signature pickup, to playing with Seymour to open up for Steve Miller at our 35th anniversary benefit concert. Drilling for a Multi-Source install while James Taylor bear-hugged his guitar for me, hanging with Seymour and MJ every week, hearing their great stories to stuffing my face at our stomach-stretching pot luck lunches. Repairing Angus' #1 and #2 guitars, modding Gus G's ESP's, I could go on for days.

While I can not say what is next, I promise you it will be exciting. Of course I was a forum member before I was your product VP, that won't change.

As for Seymour Duncan, they have always been committed to listening to their customers. That won't change either.. Your voice is powerful. Keep telling SD what you want. They are listening!
Thanks a lot for your efforts and work at Seymour Duncan especially from us extended range guys - wishing you all the best in your future adventures.
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