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Originally Posted by McKay View Post
Again, devil's advocate but he had a CCW, I highly doubt he was brandishing the gun around or even considering using it as a first resort. I've been chased by people for the same reasons he cites before, I highly doubt I was intended harm, they just thought I was a threat and wanted to protect themselves/their property.

I've even been restrained by a pub owner and brought in front of two police cars because he thought I'd stolen his sign (I hadn't). He didn't hurt me, he just restrained me (without a firearm - it's not actually that hard). It feels like the people who treat this like Zimmerman had serious intent to hurt Trayvon have never been in that kind of situation, on either side. Then again I'm looking at this from the perspective of a British dude, I'd imagine in America any violent situation always carries the threat of armed confrontation.
Have you tried restraining someone bigger and taller than you? Not easy and as far as I know he hasn't bee trained in any way to do so. Plus he chased him down because he thought he was there to steal which means he considered him dangerous/threatening. So what you are confirming is that Zimmerman wasn't intending to kill him, just incredibly stupid.

It's like I said especially since he took the police out of the equation that he either was being dumb and not thinking his decisions through or he intended to kill him. A gun can make you pretty brave. In your mind it is a last resort, but if the dude has a physical advantage and you aren't trained in hand-to-hand combat or restraint training what are you really going to do other than get yourself in physical danger where your only option is to use the gun.

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