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How old were you when you first got into heavy metal?

What drew you to heavy metal?
power, speed and complexity

How old are you now?

What is your gender?

What do you think there is an inherent value system in the metal community
Contrary to what one from the outside might think everyone in the metal community (at least where I live) is very friendly and passionate about what they do, and many of my best friends are band mates or musicians i've played with in the past

Why is metal important to you?
Because it's music I can relate to, it's complex, it's fun to play, fun to watch and fun to listen to.

Do you ever feel like you are looked down on by people who are not part of the metal community?
No, in the past it happened a few times, but never by people I personally know or respect

Has your personal taste in metal ever been attacked by other metal heads?
Of course! There's a huge number of sub-genres that it's kind of inevitable. It's okay to like deathcore and hate symphonic folk metal, haha

How do you deem someone an authentic metalhead?
One who believes in the local community and tries to push it further, I don't care for looks, I care for what people do to help others

How do you deem a band an authentic metal band?
That's not a good quality about a band in my opinion. Trying to stay true to all the metal cliches just to appear as "metal" as possible, both in music and looks, just prevents the band from progressing
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