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How old were you when you first got into heavy metal?

What drew you to heavy metal?
-Loved guitar and the musical technicalities metal brings along.

How old are you now?

What is your gender?

What do you think there is an inherent value system in the metal community
-We do what we want to do and enjoy it a ton although majority of people think metal and the metal community is all a joke.

Why is metal important to you?
-It gives me energy and fascinates me. Metal is always my first choice of music to go to, even though I have wide variety. Not a minute goes by where I am not humming some sweet metal tune out loud.

Do you ever feel like you are looked down on by people who are not part of the metal community?
-All the time. As I mentioned earlier, most people see the whole thing as a joke. I hear all the time that metal is "not music" and is rubbish. We have all heard the cliche insults. I think people who are musically inclined can find something in metal to appreciate even if it is not their cup of tea, but for those who are into the mainstream stuff or other genres seem to write it off immediately. When I tell someone that metal is my favorite genre, they look at me like I am kidding. Doesn't bother me, it's just a shame.

Has your personal taste in metal ever been attacked by other metal heads?
-Definitely. I tend to be very narrow with my choice of metal. With so many acts today, I just become more and more picky about what I actually enjoy. We all see the death metal vs. deathcore, genre comparison crap. It really isn't necessary, but hey it is what people do. Why bother in caring, it really makes no difference. We like what we like.

How do you deem someone an authentic metalhead?
-I want to say that things like this don't matter to me, but that would make me hypocritical. Most of us have that ego like "Oh, I started listening to metal 15 (or more) years ago." But hey if someone really gets into the scene or just the music, then so be it. As long as they aren't being a poser, it is nice to see the community expanding.

How do you deem a band an authentic metal band?
-This is where I get picky with the bands I listen to. It is so hard to find originality in metal (music in general) nowadays. If a band can offer even a smidgen of originality with their music, I give them credit for trying new things. I guess as long as the bands are doing their best to have fun and put out material that they and their fans will enjoy, that is what is important. After all, that is what music is all about. So I guess, any metal band has the potential to be authentic.
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