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In the vein of A Storm of Light, I guess. Post-rock/sludge heavy stuff.

These guys are doom giants.

If you like Conan, I assume you've already heard their split w/ Slomatics and their latest album, Monnos, but I'm going to post it anyway because it's so heavy. I can still feel my organs vibrate from their gig 2 weeks ago.

Slomatics.. Well, if you're heavy enough to do a split with Conan, you're heavy.

Horn of the Rhino perhaps? Don't let the man-beast ..... on the cover demotivate you...

Not really doom but since you like A Storm Of Light I guess some "post"-y material would be OK.

Not sure if it's Youtube compression up or my speakers but on CD/Vinyl all of these sound a hell lot heavier. Grab the CD or whatever and play them over your surround set.

SPEEDGURU - fuzz/doom/death
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