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NGD: Fender Telcaster MIJ '52 Reissue (Few artistic photos alert!)

So, here's my first NGD on, so stoked!

This is my pride and joy, japanese made Fender Telecaster. Let pictures do the job:

Some vintage .... going on:

Few shots with her sister:

Body: Ash
Neck & Fretboard: One piece maple with rosewood skunk stripe
Hardware: Gotoh
Pickups: Bare Knuckle flat '50 set
Color: As Vintage as it can be - natural

As 18yrs old girl she can do pretty amazing things... don't ask.

No more modifications made, this thing roars (I'll maybe record something with it, so you'd hear for real). At first I thought about swapping everything for some modern stuff, but I'm happy that I didn't do that. Because of her I'm sucker for any telecaster guitars.

check out! ->

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