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I don't actually.
My perspective on the bands in metal who complain about illegal downloading is that if one minute you complain that illegal downloading is killing music and then turn around and claim "If I were in this for the money I would be making pop." you're deluded at best and a hypocrite at the worst. Clearly if you have chosen to print shirts, press albums, pay for awesome artwork and spend hour upon hour promoting your band you are motivated on some level by profit. By choosing to make metal instead of "pop" you have made a terrible buisiness decision and by choosing to follow the career path of gigging musician in an age of downloading and youtube you're only digging yourself a deeper hole. Bands like that should stop being pussies afraid of being called sellouts and stop trying to distance themselves in interviews from people in the same exact industry as them while trying to claim they create purely for the art, they don't and they're assholes and liars for pretending to.

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