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Originally Posted by ST3MOCON View Post
Our rights are always being tested that's why you have to stick up for them and not laugh it off. I'm not about to let any of my or your rights to be taken. I will be vocal about it till the end. I'd never laugh it off and let it be taken without a fight. "peacefully" anyways if that's the way you look at the bill of rights then it might be too late. I'm done you guys can talk amongst yourselfs ive gone off topic from the nuge's comments long enough.
And i can appreciate that, but that has nothing to do with that since the original Bill of Rights was actually 12 amendments and 2 were removed. The document (constitution) was meant to evolve. I have no problem with people owning guns I just think it is too easy and the idea that people need military grade weapons (and not in the military) is silly. it is a privilege that not everyone deserves: crazies, people with poor aim, people with anger issues, grudges etc. We do not have a system that weeds those out very well.

And I feel like concealed carriers need hand-to-hand combat because concealed is essentially a right to kill humans. Why do I think they should be trained in hand-to-hand? Easy because if you can't defend yourself and someone comes at you, you are going to shoot someone first not last because you can't defend yourself any other way and it is no longer a last resort.

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