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Date of Order: October 2010
Model Name: Jekyll Slant 724 (was supposed to be a Jekyll Slim, but Bernie misunderstood. I'm fine with that anyway)
From stock or from scratch?: Scratch.
Guitar Received: NO.
Wait time: A year and a half.
Any late spec changes? First, I was told the guitar had to be rebuilt. Then, the guitar built was a different shape than what I ordered (Jekyll Slant instead of Jekyll Slim). Because of that, my initial specification could not be applied since I requested certain switches to be placed on the higher horn, which cannot be applied since with the slanted shape there's no room for them.
Frequency of contact?: I've never had any problem contacting Bernie, although the amount of consecutive excuses I've received is very high.

Specs are lamborghini metallic orange finish, mahogany neck and wings, oiled back, sides and neck, ebony board, ebony top on headstock, floyd rose.

Here's some pics:

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