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Originally Posted by chrisharbin View Post
well, I was just saying that even with my i7, reaper is really the only truly efficient host I have. Sonar would be second but I hate using sonar (get the raid out)

S1 and FL are terrible cpu wise on my system

What I see is quite a bit of time between your first post and where this left off so sorry about that. Still, it seemed as though you were trying ableton to start?
FL I understand, but are you talking about Presonus S1?

I'm currently running a project with 173 tracks, all with plugins, many of them bridged waves plugins, multiple amp sims, an instance of Superior drummer for triggering roto toms, a few instances of Play (the east west host), lots of Steven Slate Trigger instances, IR Reverbs galore...

45% CPU useage...

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