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Originally Posted by flint757 View Post
I only wanted to make sure it was correct for your board which it is. Honestly, I think the CPU usage displayed by Reaper or whatever isn't showing your full CPU usage, did you look in task manager when it said 50%? Either way make sure everything is up to date sometimes that can make a huge difference.
I think its easier if i post a screenshot with description

With this it shows my memory usage in the task manager is around 20%. My main problem is that when i want to record guitars or bass or vocals (because i program drums) i cant use the Input monitoring to hear how my guitar tone sounds while the song is playing....which is really annoying when it keeps cutting out constantly and raising the buffer drastically would make me unable to record. I see alot of people on this forum have virtual rig, and seem to run alot of their DAWs as well, so that why this seems kind of weird to me.
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