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Yeah taxes need to be increased. the most ridiculous part is the money in your bank isn't being taxed so lets say you make 10 million and you pay 1 million in taxes. You now have 13 million in the bank and next year you will add 13 million. you get taxed on money earned not had so in a way a lot of money goes untaxed in the first place if I understand how it works correctly.

I think equality for now is impossible and things like Zetgeist for instance are just ridiculous, but I do think something needs to change. I think capitalism is a good thing though because the hardest/smartest/most talented person does deserve more than the other guy IMO. After all what is the incentive to be innovative if I make as much as the guy sitting on the couch. Even if I enjoyed my job I enjoy guitar, snowboarding, games etc. a lot more so I wouldn't necessarily work hard for the sake of it. (not me literally)

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