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Originally Posted by ghstofperdition View Post
...I see victories like what this girl achieved be blackened by hate, narrow-mindedness and just plain mean-spiritedness...
I don't think there has really been that much hate in this thread. There have definitely been some insensitive posts (and I in no way condone them), but most people have worded their posts nicely. Saying it in a negative way such as saying " transgender people are freaks and will never in any way be male/female" is hateful and terrible, or saying something with no backing whatsoever (even nicely) is hate, like if someone says "I don't believe black people are as intelligent as white people," but nicely stating that even after a sex change a transgender person still has his/her original chromosomes is not really hateful and the people generally mean well.

EDIT: just realized the same topic was addressed in the posts directly above mine. If you were only referring to the couple of posts that were blatantly hateful then we are on the same page, so this would be invalid.
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