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People don't make comparisons to the Civil Rights movement just out of whimsy. While transpeople, Jakke, legally have the right to get married in most states in America, run-of-the-mill gay people don't, so I suppose transpeople don't have any rights you wouldn't.

I think the main message of the Civil Rights movement went beyond a simple wish to reform laws. It was for the most part a desire to be treated as equals in every sense of the word, beyond the legal ramifications. Separate, but equal, does that ring a bell? So when people from the LGBT community make those comparisons, they actually aren't just making .... up. Hate crimes against LGBT people exist, Drak. It may not be as widespread as the institutionalized, centuries-old evil that black people here faced, but then again, their numbers are fewer and they've got the benefit of this somehow hated political correctness behind them. Hatred, intolerance, and discrimination against them exists. Why should they not liken their experience to one that's both relevant and recent in America's cultural heritage?

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