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Originally Posted by mhickman2 View Post
Please get this done soon. I've always wanted to mod a PRS Custom 22 or 24 with a hardtail to this bridge or possibly a hannes. I also want to fill the screw holes and go direct mount.
Yeah I was thinking about going Hannes but I wasn't sure if it was compatible with the body of a PRS, and since I know I like the 2Tek and I KNOW Mike can retrofit a PRS with a 2Tek I figured I'd play it safe. I still want a guitar with a Hannes bridge but hardly anyone makes an affordable guitar with them stock. I know Mike's luthier plugs the holes with the same wood type, so since this is mahogany it's really straight forward but his guy is excellent, on maple tops he tries to find pieces with similar figure and even blends the finish in as well!

Mine doesn't matter as much as long as it gets plugged correctly since I'll be getting the refin done right after it comes back from the 2Tek install.

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