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Originally Posted by HighGain510 View Post
Oh yeah you were at the game last night, right? Yeah I hear ya, there's been instigation on both sides. I'd love to see a GOOD fight go down and see who would win but it's a playoff game so the chances of that are highly unlikely unless someone is severely lacking discipline. Like I said, I am hoping the Flyers keep their energy where it is and the Pens don't because when the Pens are going full-speed ahead, they are hard to beat. If we go forward, I'm also hoping NY is slowing down a bit so we don't get crushed as they've been tearing up the Flyer's this season.
Oh yeah definitely... I think the Pens got the worst and the Flyers got the best possible first round opponents. The Pens have torn up everybody in the conference EXCEPT the Flyers

It's funny as I saw the same thing in both of the first two games: by the end of the game the Pens are more worried getting hits in than playing the puck.

I'm hoping the Pens get it together and actually make this a series.

It's a surprise

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