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- From what I've heard UK working visa is a pain to get.. wait, are you coming to work or study English? And what sort of activities are you going to do here? I hope you're not coming just to hang out for a few months with your boyfriend because chances are you'll not speak English with strangers at all apart from supermarket clerks. A lot of international students misunderstand that just coming to the UK would automatically improve their language skill, while the truth is they stick with their buddies from the same country all the time. See the flocks of Chinese students wherever you go, most of them can't really speak English very well.

- Weather is uniformly .... throughout the year in this country, but summer is your best bet.
- If you're looking for a "new" city to live, I think Leeds is pretty good. Cardiff is even nicer but it's smaller (pop. 300,000). I stayed in both cities for one year. Nightlife is plenty in both cities.
- I think you can have a social life wherever you go.

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