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Originally Posted by bob123 View Post
Who lifts weights.... honestly ....

You REALLY need to pick your goals first. Strength or size. Two very different methods. Im not a small dude to begin with, but Im much stronger then someone who's going for size. Im also not going to get "absolutely massive" with the way I lift.

Proper lifts, pushing yourself to the limit, and correct form are all absolute necessities for any goal.

Couple things
1) go with someone who actually knows what they are doing a few times.
2) dont forget to listen to your body. If you're done, you're done. You need to know your limits.
3) Dont be one of those howler monkey's that goes in, wildly slinging weights around, grunting like a mad man, and then dropping weights. I HATE seeing those clowns doing what I call "Full body Curls" with 40's, screaming at the mirror for 8 reps, and the dropping the weights. Its not cool, its not doing anything for you, and you look like a toolbag when you do it.

Good luck!! And Supplements are your friend


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