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I just put a set of Cold Sweats into my RG7420 and I'm experiencing nothing that I would even remotely describe as 'suck' lol. I switched my ibanez 5 way for a standard 5 way (going to see if I can get a super switch in there.. still need to replace my pots so I figure I may as well) but I'm still using the original Ibanez pots.

definitely going to change my pots out for higher quality (likely CTS) pots.. a 500k linear for the volume and a 500k taper/no load pot for the tone, with a nice orange drop cap.

I'm coming from a D-Sonic and the stock neck pup to the Cold Sweats and the difference was pretty massive IMO. I need to tweak a few things as they sound very different in the basswood than they do in my 007's Mahogany. Just a separate set of patches with a slightly different eq for the RG i think
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