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Wanna know why I'm mad? I get blamed for crap. At my job today I was supposed to " edge rout " some corian counter tops.. sure sounds easy. But I'm new at this job and my boss thinks I pick up on things very quickly and reinforces my confidence with " if you mess up this can really .... us up so dont " And he leaves me at his shop for 2 hours with a list of things to do. He gives me his router and says " its all set " so I begin to rout the counter top and the bit is TOTALLY NOT AT THE RIGHT HEIGHT AT ALL. great.

I call my boss and he asks to send him a pic... he quickly calls me back and is like " WHOA WHAT THE .... HAPPENED? ITS SO ....ED UP ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY ARGG BLAH BLAH WARGGLE WARGGLE. " So I get yelled at. word. Then I cut the palm of my hand on one the of counter edges too.. oh well whatever. Its all good.
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