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Pro's of technology:

Better sound both recorded and live
Far more options for creative expression
Convenience and time saving - eg. effect units have presets whereas we used to tweak individual pedals in between songs
More dynamic live performances - light rigs or video can be automated to play along with the song
Can record a whole album by oneself without needing other band members

Con's of technology:

Can often waste time by presenting too many options. People can often get lost when too many options are present spending too much time going through every kick drum sound, every VST synth patch, every patch on an effect unit, etc
Can lead to a lower level of skill in an instrument if people rely too much on the tech - ie. cool sound effects over a decent riff
Greater possibility of equipment problems or failure -ie. computer or effect unit crash or glitch live, electronic drums false triggering, etc
Can be expensive

Hmm... that's really all I can think of for now, sure I'm forgetting a few things though. In regard to people that claim high end gear makes the music sound too pristine and less organic... to be honest I MUCH prefer a live performance to sound extremely close to the CD. I've been to way too many shows where either the sound was ...., or the singer just couldn't hit the high notes like on the CD (Deftones), or they played 5x faster than normal. If tech can help a band get closer to their studio sound live I for one am all for it!

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