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Originally Posted by guitarneeraj View Post
I've done my undergrad in Electronics and Telecommunications and will be graduating this semester with a Master's in Music Technology from Georgia Tech.
Electrical engineering is very interesting, but if you ask my honest opinion, you don't need to be enrolled in a degree course to LEARN something, if you have a genuine interest you can learn by yourself, which is basically what you end up doing in a degree course anyway
Some people are better than others at self-teaching. Personally, I wouldn't be even remotely close to where I am right now, EE knowledge-wise, without having first attended school to learn it and, even more importantly, working where I do and learning every day by interacting with more experienced engineers. You can certainly learn a lot just by reading and experimenting at home, but once you start getting into the really hard stuff you'll hit major roadblocks that you probably won't be able to understand unless some teacher-like figure explains it to you.
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