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Why are you mad right now?

I think this thread would be a good place for people to blow off some steam.
Share with us why you are mad today... Or what makes you TICK.

For example, I'll start.

Today, I was trying to have a nice day with my girlfriend when one thing after another started to slowly ruin it. My German Shepherd snapped his runner in half and today is easter ( everything is closed ) so I cant buy a new one until tomorrow but I have work all day and I cant leave him in the house. I ended up getting one for him and it was WAY too long. I think The differential in my subaru is going. I'm going through Monster energy drink withdrawls cuz i'm broke.
The fuel level sensor is going as well, so I cant find out how much gas I have. I called subaru and the part is $190. I ran out of body wash today. I have blue xmas lights in my bedroom and half of them blew out today

Just some ideas... tell us why you're mad right now!
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