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As I listen: Diggin the intro man. Edge mixed with some ISIS on the little fade in The song kicks in and the .... hits me like a CAT Bulldozer. Like everyone said, the kick is so perfectly placed in the mix. The guitars have so much gut to them, this sounds pretty spectacular.

The little fluttery background part at 1:28 made me smile really wide. That is some really tasteful way to fill the space, fits really well with everything and allows the djentyness to kind of breathe and flow, instead of feeling really claustrophobic.

The part around 2:40 is great, nice key progressions. Your ear for background "space-fillers" as I call them is pretty intricate. It never feels over-layered.

...., the riff at 3:30............

Overall man, that was pretty awesome. Great mix, things sit really well. Are you thinking of getting some vocals over this? Good .... dude, hope to hear more.

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