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People who look down on others who play in any other tuning than standard E. Or look down on guitarists that play any more than 6 strings. I mean elitism/arrogance in general is annoying as .... anyway, but I feel like this specific niche of elitism really pisses me off.

I personally don't even play that low nowadays. I've dabbled with lower tunings but generally my 7 string stays in B Standard or half a step down; yet sometimes when I tell someone that I play in a B tuning, or I have a 7 string, or that I have another guitar in a drop tuning etc etc, they kind of scowl at me or make a snidy comment like "I don't understand how anyone could play in those silly tunings. There's no clarity in the low notes and you don't need 7 strings". As if tuning to drop D is suddenly going to make your guitar sound muddy or some ..... It's like their only experience with a drop tuning is when they saw a guy tune to drop C through a ....ty 10w practice amp, with the bass on 10 and mid on 0, and ever since then they think that standard E is THE ONLY WAY you should play....

Just that small mindedness that bugs me. Am I special that I can hear a low B note?? Is it supposed to be inaudible to the human ear or somethin'?? What's hard to comrpehend about the extra range that a 7 string gives you? Or just simple personal preference??

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