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Watched the season 2 premier on Sunday. F***in delivered. Peter Dinklage is going to be remembered for years for playing Tyrion Lannister, he was just GLORIOUS in this episode. I smell another Emmy if this keeps up, maybe even in a lead actor category. He's just magnificent in the role, the absolute embodiment of the character.

Also, Robb's direwolf, Grey Wind, got an awesome reveal as the huge predator that it is. It was nice to see the show finally give the direwolves their due, as I thought they got the short end of the stick in season 1. It was one of the best parts of an already awesome episode. I look forward to seeing more of Ghost as Jon Snow ventures out with the Halfhand.

Sure looked better than the wolves in Twilight.

EDIT: This is the scene with Robb and Grey Wind. Alas, it's not high def and kind of a bad transfer, but you still get the gist.

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