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It goes:

T808 mod: drive 0, tone just over half, level about 2:30 (on a clock face), the rest untouched
USA Lead 2 (not boost): drive about 11:30, bass about 9:30, mid about 9:15, treble 3 o'clock and bright, press just over half, depth just under, master at 12 o'clock, level at 3 o'clock, amp voicing on modern, can't remember if I changed the resonance, the EQ look like this ''-.-''-. from low to high
Cab: 412 recto (RW) and Citrus V30, recto miked with a 57, citrus isn't miked. Proximity about 10:30, Room stuff I didn't change

That's it

For leads I use the same but with a 2C+, no boost in front and drive turned up to about 7, the rest is the same.

About the panning. Everything's panned pretty hard, this is what I don't understand. It's the bloody centre channel, I'm wondering if maybe I have my cymbals unpinned or something by mistake or something but it doesn't seem like it...

Where do you pan your hats?

I'm wondering if something as simple as turning the cymbals down a bit, hard panning them and band passing the guitars with a really low Q filter just to take of the competitive very low and very high freq's might help...

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