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If you are stuck on technique practice, I can offer what I recently discovered: the worst thing you can do is practice it ONLY in a non-applied context. If, for example, you want to work on some Economy Picking: get a back track and jam over it using the technique when you feel appropriate. Work out the shapes and notes as the music plays behind you, this way you can understand and discover what sounds good to you within musical context, not as a mechanical exercise.

..Of course, you need to get the fundamentals to a metronome first. I'm not advocating against that, but do try to not spend TOO MUCH time on it, because you might reach peak technical proficiency and still not be able to apply it because you never practiced playing it in a musical context.

I agree with CRaul87. Start composing, do simply stuff, at use what you want to practice. This way you train your technique and your musicianship. Also, do try to record yourself, it's a way to make sure you are playing accurate and clean, and also great to keep track of your progress.
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