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Swapping Edge Zero 7 (ZPS) for Edge Pro 7 - Possible?

(hope this is in the right forum)

Maybe I'm just an old-school Ibz guy and set in my ways but I gotta say... I really DON'T like the Edge Zero 7 (w/ZPS) thus far. This is the first one I've ever owned/played, having a long history of playing Edge, Edge Pro, and Lo-Pro Edge trems.

I'm actually considering ripping the whole damn unit out and replacing with an Edge Pro 7 or Lo Pro 7 system.

Has anyone tried this or know if it's possible? The top route definitely seems able to accomodate, but it's the body cavity/route that I'm unsure of.

My guitar is an Ibanez RG1527M.

Thanks in advance!
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