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Originally Posted by scherzo1928 View Post
Hmm, forgot to be helpfull in that last post.

My advice would be to not make it stringthrough, because I've had about 5 high e strings break so far (fixed with a tiny bit of rubber on the back ferrule though) ... one actually left me a surprisingly big scar in my hand. And I've never broken a string on any of my classicals. Maybe look into classical bridges with an under saddle transducer, or get a small piece of rubber .
How about something like ABM bridges with their graphtech saddles? (Like the ones I'm getting on my current Vik) Top loading but also ballend. I also wondered if there was some way to use those saddles but with some kind of classical tied 'tailpiece' behind so as not to have to buy ballend strings. I have it in my mind aesthetically but don't know if it would actually work. I suppose it would - the only problem I can see is break angle or something.

Incase you're is your fault, Scherzo, that I have ended up in the Vik queue again..I'll leave it at that
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