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2 new builds!

Alright, now that I'm healthy again, I'm back into building guitars. I'll be making 2 "sister" builds. Same shape, but completely different in every other way.

First off... the wood. You already know this ones:

Bastogne walnut top, and birdseye maple board.

Next (and I just got this delivered today) Is a ....load of granadillo (Platymiscium yucatanum)!

The 2 long pieces will be used for 2 necks. 1 for this build as a 5 piece, and the other for a future build... maybe as a 1 piece neck. The other 2 pieces are a bookmatched top for one of the 2 builds.

more granadillo pics!

Check that figure out!

For those of you who don't know. Granadillo is a retardedly hard and dense wood. It's also incredibly stable, and has the most beautiful taptone I've heard in my life. I've been hunting these kind of boards for almoast a year now, and I think it's really going to pay off.

Anywho... I've only done work on the walnut axe so far, and I'm already far into the build, so here come a ton of pics of that build... As always, everything was cut by hand, so I show a lot of pics of boards being cut to largen my epeen.

Queue the br00talz!

Start off by cutting a huge board to make neck laminates!

Cut off the headstock part for a scarf joint.

Since I don't want to waste ANY wood, I cut the headstock in half... like so:

And then sliced the other part into 6 strips for the laminates.

I'll be able to make 2 necks out of that board alone.

I took 3 of them, and put them together with some flamed maple leftovers...

Glueueued them together!

Planed it down.

Then, I cut the walnut top, because I needed offcuts for the headstock.

Glued offcuts onto the headstock piece thing.

ERECTED the superjig!

Machined and mated both surfaces at 15

And glued them together.

As you can see, I used 2 nails and some tape to keep the parts from creeping under preassure.
And it came out like this:

To be Continued...

Is this... guitar?
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