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Re-Fretting my Douglas Hadron. Advice/suggestions??

Alright guys, I'm having a hard time choosing some new fretting for my Hadron 727, since I'm pretty new to fretting and the whole Tone-Chasing trade, I'd like to ask one of you for some advice. The hadron In general has bad fretting to me, It has string buzzing In random but consistent spots, no matter what the action Is (I've already set up the floyd and adjusted the truss rod for A E A D G B E). I want something that will help the strings become more snappy and produce more sustain, Wider/thicker and taller, But not TOO HUGE I don't want a set of 22 Parking Bars on my fretboard. Stainless Steel Is a plus, so I'm already set on that Spec.

-Thanks In Advance

P.S I can't really post a NGD yet, I have a ....ty Camera Phone, Looking to get a real camera soon.

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